Thursday, September 21, 2006

Charles Martin's Blog. Iraq and Freemasonry

21 Sept 2006. Ali Al Saleem, Kuwait. FINALLY! I got our of Iraq for my R&R. The Marines flubbed my schedule, I was supposed to leave on Thursday, but when I went to the flight office to check on the ticket, they had me down for Wednesday. I was already packed, so I went to the flight line, and got a flight to Kuwait. I arrived late Weds nite, and went to the transient tents. I will wait here until Friday night, and then get to the civilian airport for my 0300am flight to Dubai, and then on for my vacation. The engineers back at Al Asad will run the show in my absence. Man it is good to be finally on the way!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Charles Martin's Blog. Iraq and Freemasonry

Charles Martin's Blog. Iraq and Freemasonry 17 Sept. 2006. Today in church, we talked about the importance of keeping journals. I enjoy this blog, but I should be more diligent about entering information. This place, is like the film "Ground Hog Day". Every day is the same, since I work 7 days a week. Last week, two new individuals arrived here. Mr. Carlos Zambrana and Mr. Raul Ramirez. These guys are really sharp, and I think they will both make excellent FSE's. Raul will stay here, during my R&R, and learn the ropes, then get sent to some new base. Carlos is taking to the job like a fish to water, and he will remain here, when I return from R&R. There is really not enough work here for two full time Engineers, so Carlos will probably be traveling a lot, covering other bases, when people go on vacation and emergency leave,etc.

I was supposed to fly out of here on Friday 15 Sept. and then on to Moscow. There were no flights on Friday, and the only flight was Saturday morning. Problem is the flight left here at 0300am, and I had to be at the Kuwait civilian airport at 0345am. So I had to cancel the flight from here, and then push back my R&R. I am going to leave here on Thursday, and then wait a day in Kuwait, and then leave from Kuwait at 0345am on Saturday morning, fly to Dubai, and then change for a direct flight to Moscow. I will be in Moscow on Saturday afternoon 23 Sept. In's'hallah.

I am glad that I was able to re-enlist, and get a second year here in Iraq. I like it here. I like the work, the people I work with (mostly), and my supervisor is terrific, I get a lot of lee-way to do this job. The chief said "you have done exemplary work in an austere environment" I wish that all my performance reports read so glowingly.

I will be here through Sept 2007, and from there, who knows? I might even ask for a third year here in Iraq. I like this place very much. Yesterday afternoon, I got cable TV hooked up in my trailer. Now I have ten channels of TV. I will get my own satellite dish going later on, and have some additional channels.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

14 Sept 2006. Leaving on vacation

I am flying out of Iraq on Thursday 21 Sept. Will spend three weeks in Moscow Russia, and return. I enjoy all of your comments, please continue to post.

The lodge is on hold until I return. We will get a dispensation to meet, later this year.