Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Erin, I need your email

I spent two weeks at FOB Boris in Afghanistan. If you send me your email, I will fill you in on the place. The old name for FOB Boris, is FOB Bermeil. The name of the post was changed in 2008. I suggest you google "FOB Bermeil".

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking for work

I am again unemployed. I was laid off, due to the fact that the contract requirements changed. I was hired by a firm in Northern VA. This firm, loaned me out to another firm, which had a project in Afghanistan. All civilians who work in Iraq/Afghanistan, are required to spend a week at Fort Benning Georgia, for briefings, and to insure that their health is adequate, and they can spend time in a country with low-standard medical care.

I cleared Fort Benning five months ago, and I worked in Iraq June/July/August 2009. My new firm required me to go back through the Fort Benning process again, even though the school is good for one year. The Army found an old medical report, and required me to get another medical exam. The medical exam showed me to be completely healthy, and free of any possibility of cancer.

While I was waiting in the barracks, the prime contractor was informed that the requirements changed, so I was surplussed. If I had already been in Afghanistan, I would have been recalled, and had to fly back to the USA.

The result is, I am unemployed. My firm is assisting me in finding a new position, either overseas or here in the Northern VA area.

My current resume is at http://www.4jobs.com/charlesmartin

If anyone knows of any work I can do, please feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Still stuck at Fort Benning

I arrived at For Benning three weeks ago, I thought I would be here for six days. My old medical screening was determined to be invalid, so I had to see a urologist in town (Possible cancer of the prostate). Fortunately,I am cancer-free. But the Army needs everything documented.

I had to have a needle biopsy. The doctor rams a 14 inch plastic dildo up your rectum, and then shoots 11 spring loaded needles directly into the prostate, and the base of the penis. The pain is unbearable, and there is no anesthetic. I had this procedure done, last Monday. I felt pretty good Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but on Thursday, I was unable to urinate for 10 hours. I called the paramedics, and I was taken to the emergency room.

I had a plastic PVC pipe inserted into my penis, and I passed 1000cc of urine. I was told that I must wear the catheter all weekend. I went in to see the doctor on Monday, and he told me that I must wear the device for two more days. It is now Tuesday, and I will see the doctor on Wednesday, and hopefully, have the catheter removed.

I must have the doctor submit the paperwork to the Army medical office, certifying that I am cancer-free. Then I can conclude the processing here at Fort Benning, and travel on Afghanistan.