Saturday, September 22, 2012

On my way to the USA

On my way to the USA. I am in the holding pen at Ali Al Saleem Air base in Kuwait. It is bloody HOT. There is a roll call at 6pm. The aircraft is not due to take off until 1100pm. Then we will fly all night, and get into Indianapolis at 0800am Sunday. There is a refueling stop in Germany. I have a good feeling that I will be returning to Afghanistan soon. Keep up with me here.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I use

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Heading home

Well, the project I was working on is done. I am heading home. I am sitting in the Recreation Center, at Ali-Al-Saleem Air Base, Kuwait. This place really has not changed much, since I first saw it, in July 2005. There is a McDonalds, and Subway, and KFC. There are much fewer people, than when two wars were blazing away. There were mobs of soldiers and civilians, and now the place is nearly empty. I am trying to connect with another project in telecommunications. The new firm's HR person, has been very kind, and she indicates that I will get the word soon. The money is good, and the work is much closer related than the work I was doing on the last project. The last week that I was in Bagram, Afghanistan, there was a real scare. The base went on Force Protection (C), which means that all personnel had to wear bulletproof vest and helmet, any time they went out. The dining hall closed the dining rooms, and you had to go the serving line, with a carry-out tray, and get your food, and then go outside to eat. I have never been under such a condition, since I have been working in this part of the world. I hate rumors. I do not understand how people can spread gossip. I was at Bagram, and the temperature was over 120 degrees. Somehow the word got back to my firm, that I was complaining that it was too cold! This is bizarre. I wish everyone would consider what they say, and not be so bored, that they have to repeat vicious gossip about their co-workers. I completed a training program in Huntsville, ALA. I enjoyed it very much, notwithstanding, that I was working outside in 106 degree heat and stifling humidity. I worked as a curriculum development specialist at a vocational school, in 1991. I made some suggestions, on how to improve the training program. It got back to my firm, that I was criticizing the program, and complaining. Gossip. I enjoyed all of my co-workers. Somehow the word got back, that some of them indicated that they did not wish to work with me. Gossip. Anyway, I am going to fly from Kuwait to Indianapolis, and spend a couple of days there, turning my military Identification card back in. Then I am going to take the Greyhound bus to Bowling Green KY, and see my mother and my sister. I have not been to Kentucky since Oct 2010, my father's funeral. I will go back to my home in Alexandria VA, and wait for the call from the new firm, and also seek work with other firms. The show is about over in Afghanistan, but the pull out is not until 2014. There will be work there, for a man with my background for at least a couple of years.