Friday, March 12, 2010

I need to post more often

Hello everyone! I was working in Iraq from late January through early March. I was picked up by another firm, and I flew back to Alexandria VA. I have been here at my home, getting my paperwork in line, and getting medical/dental exams,etc. Starting a new job in Iraq is a hassle. I should know, I have been working there for six years.

I will fly down to Orlando FLA on Sunday 14 March. Then I will rent a car, and drive to Cocoa Beach FLA. I will stay in a hotel in Cocoa Beach, and begin a two week training course in Cape Canaveral FLA. At the conclusion of the course, I will go back to Fort Benning again, and then fly on to Iraq (or Afghanistan).

I have been feeling depressed, I should be feeling all right, but I don't. I do not like just sitting around, waiting for a new job to start..