Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tuesday night

Another day in paradise. Slept fairly well. I must get some sheets on the bed. I got up and ate the breakfast. Work went well. I ate the lunch, and went to the tent, and then I took a shower. Put on some clean clothes. Went to supper, and there was fried catfish, and onion rings. They finally had ice cream, I had a dish. I decided to stay in the chow hall until 8pm, so that could watch "Jeapordy". I went back to the recreation center, so I could get some computer time in. The internet is a little slow at night, but it seems to be fine in the day time.

I ordered some chocolate from an internet store. I miss candy.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

spring is here April in Kunduz

Rained last night. Pitter-patter on the tent, kept me up. Got up around 0800, and I went into the office. Lunch today was pork riblets, chili, ravioli. The chow hall has not had ice cream in a while. Sundays are pretty quiet here, but the Army works 24/7. The rain settled the dust, and helped wash everything off, and the air is clean.

Life in Afghanistan is not for sissies. I like the work, and I like the people I work with. I sleep on a lumpy mattress, and eat the Army food. I wish that I had a TV set, with the satellite receiver. AFN TV is available here. I watch the news in the chow hall sometimes, but I don't hang out there for hours.

I paid my 2012 masonic dues today, for Bowling Green and Quincy Mass. I do not get to participate in masonry in this part of the world. But I will be very active when I return to the USA.