Tuesday, January 30, 2007

30 January 2007

Another weekend just went by. It is COLD in the mornings here. I was reading a book in the library, and I walked across the street to get a sandwich, and someone stole my sweatshirt (That I had left on the couch). People will steal anything that is not nailed down.

I only got 6 (six) days to clear out of my last assignment. I did not get to sell any of my personal items, I could not sell my bike or my home entertainment system. I only had the address of my new posting for three (3) days. I was busy as hell moving out, and shipping my personal items here. Then I got an email from the man who replaced me, saying that I left the office in "chaos". Hell, I am not June Cleaver, or Felix Unger! Carlos could have swept up the damn office, but he stays in the trailer all day, playing video games or IMing his wife.

I do not dislike this new base. The food is excellent, the work is the same as Al Asad, but there is much less work. I told them, that if he wants to swap back, he can do so anytime!

I put in for an instructor position in Reston. I also applied for the new project in Luxembourg.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

18 Jan 2007

For the record, I am a Caucasian man. My people immigrated into Kentucky, with Daniel Boone, on his second trip through the Cumberland gap. My family history has been researched back to the 12th century in Wales. I am also a civilian technician here in Iraq. I am not a soldier, and I do not get involved in combat operations. I just run the computers here. I am a veteran, I was in the US Air Force for five years, and I am proud of my military service. I am also proud to serve alongside America's finest, in my civilian capacity. I am way out in the middle of the Iraqi desert, and there is no combat out here, anyway. My biggest danger is falling off my bicycle.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

17 Jan 2007

We have a Masonic Lunch Group that meets every Wednesday at the Chow Hall here. Today, no one showed up except me. I hope that we can have more participation. The Chow Hall director (civilian) and the (Army) NCO in charge are both Freemasons, and they have been really helpful. We can have the meeting room every Wednesday at 1200noon, but the 1st Sergeant will not let us display any posters! One of the other 1st sergeants is a Freemason, and I am going to meet with him, and have him ask the (other) 1st sergeant to reconsider.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

13 Jan 2007

Well, this place is like "Ground Hog Day". Every day is the same. Work, eat,sleep, watch TV, surf the net. Today I rean out of deodorant, but I ordered some from drugstore.com on line. The company I work for (A fantastic company -BTW), has landed a contract to renovate the Airport at Luxembourg. Can you believe it? I used to live 40 mins from the airport, and I have flown in and out of the place many times. I have contacted my company to see if I can get an application in for one of the jobs there. It would be cool to go back to Luxembourg.

My mother-in-law arrived in Washington last night, I must call the wife and speak to her.

The work here goes on, we are still trying to locate that pickup truck that the company had shipped here. When it arrives, I will have to send it along to Al Asad, and then Carlos will send the Gator vehicle here.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Day 2007

Had a decent New Year's Eve. The chow hall did a whole buffet of snacks. I just love fried jalapeno "poppers". Also a whole fountain of egg nog. The chow hall set up a disco and amplifiers, and we danced and enjoyed the night.

It is cold here in Iraq, this time of year, there was a hard freeze, last night. I finally got back to the trailer about 2am, and slept for ten hours.

Not much to do today, just watched a film "28 Days" with Sandra Bullock. Yesterday, there was a "Sopranos" marathon. Watched the big screen all day long.

I met with the Chow hall manager today and we are now authorized to have a Masonic luncheon every Wenesday at 1200noon. fantastic! We could not reserve a table back at Al Asad, but here the manager (civilian) and military liaison are both Masons! Can you believe it?

I also secured the classroom at the Rec Hall for every 1st/3rd Saturday at 7pm for the Square and Compasses Club. We will meet there, and if there is enought interest, we can see about getting a lodge going.

I found out that there are several other Masons here at Talafar, we just might have what it takes.