Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Going back to Afghanistan

I finished my last project in April 2012. I returned to the USA, and started looking for a new project. I was picked up by a different firm, and offered a project. I started in June 2012. I flew to Huntsville ALA, for a training and orientation course, for the new project. I will working on an unclassifed project, modifying existing observation towers in Afghanistan. I will be flying all over the country, and for the first time, I will be traveling between bases by convoy. I will have to do the NDC (National deployment center) course, in Camp Atterbury IN. I will spend a week there, and then fly on to Kuwait, From Kuwait, I will fly on to Afghanistan, and then I will be flying all over the country of Afghanistan. I had a complete medical work-up, and fortunately I am 100% healthy. I had to get some additional tests and evaluations. All of the exams were normal. I have been eating less, which is not a problem , I want to drop some excess weight. I would be delighted to hear from some of the readers here. Feel free to email or post comments. Thanks.