Friday, April 22, 2011

22 April. Still no job

Well, I have been back in the USA for six weeks. Sadly, no job. However, I do keep applying. I applied for a job with a major firm, in Afghanistan. I was instructed to call a 1-800 number on Thursday Morning. I assumed the number was here in the USA. The phone rang, and it was the project manager in Afghanistan. We had a very good conversation, and he indicated that I would be getting an additional interview (hoo-ray). If I can clear this next interview, I should get an offer, and I can go back to Afghanistan.

Here in the USA, it is strange how little has changed. I keep seeing people with I-phones, and I am amazed at how many there are. I have not even turned my ordinary cell phone back on. Don't see the need for one, just now. I stay home most days, sitting on the computer, looking for work.

I would like to have more activities, when I am home. I am aghast at $3.97 a gallon for gasoline. In the District (of Columbia), gas is way over $4 per gallon. I prefer to eat my meals at home, and I do not go out for food, even fast food. I did get some Chinese at the greasy-chopsticks across the street. They have excellent egg rolls.

Been doing some projects around the house. We got a deck, and Larisa decided to paint it. (BIG mistake). Gray and white, and it looks awful. Not much point in arguing. She got a privacy screen, and when I get some decent weather, I will mount it.

Boy is it great to watch TV. I never get tired of it. Yesterday, there was a "Law and Order SVU" marathon. Great show. This morning, I saw "Mackennas Gold" a western from 1969. Love those old films.

Larisa has been screaming a lot. I have to wear foam rubber ear plugs at the breakfast table. Sux.