Friday, March 30, 2007

30 Mar 2007

I have not made a posting in a while. Life goes on here at Forward Operating Base Sykes. I moved into a new trailer, that is very nice, except it is too close to the generators. It took a fe nights to get used to the humming, but now I can sleep just fine. The trailer is just four walls and a roof. I must walk 50 yards to the shower house, fortunately there is plenty of water, and I can take as long a shower as I like. I got some "Irish Spring" soap, and it is excellent, I shower myself every morning. When the hot weather hits, I am going to have to shower at night, when I get back to the trailer after work.

I spend most mornings at the Rec Hall. There is never any wait for the computers, and I wind up spending several hours there, and then watch Jeapordy at 11:30. Daylight savings time starts this weekend, so I will have to advance my watch one hour, so Jeapordy will start at 12:30.

The Rec hall cut back on the afternoon movies from four shows a day to two shows a day. I do not know why. I got some excellent recreational equipment and sporting goods from a lodge in Delaware, I must bring it down and distribute it. A lodge in Hawaii is sending some items (about $2000 worth), and I will bring it to the Rec Hall. This is so fantastic! People do not realize that the Rec Hall and gym get no government money.

The politicians are doing their thing again. I am convinced that pulling out of Iraq, before the job is done, is the stupidest thing that could ever be done. The US military should be prepared to be in Iraq for 30 years or more. Iran is messing around with those captured British sailors/Marines, and we will be at war those people soon.

I will not get any vacation until August or September. I do not care. I like the work and I like Iraq.