Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jalalabad, Afghanistan

Here I am at Jalalabad. I was tasked to deliver some tools to a team at Jalalabad. I got up this morning at 0700am. There was no water in our barracks, so I walked across the way, to an adjacent barracks, and took a scalding hot shower there. There was plenty of water pressure, so I just let is spray and spray. I got my body armor and my helmet, and my tote bag, with clothing and personal items. I went to the office, and got the tool kit, and then went to the flight terminal and checked in. The flight was only 25 minutes. In 2004, I rode in an SUV from Kabul to Jalalabad, on a road that was probably laid out by Alexander the Great. There were huge potholes in the road, and my spine was sore for a week. I got a bed in a tent, and met the team here. They only need a few tools, and tomorrow, we will pass on all of the necessary tools, If they get 102% of a standard tool kit, then fine. I will try to get some sleep tonight, and then we will fly back on Friday or Saturday. This is a HOT HOT HOT place, we are at a lower elevation than Bagram, and the desert heat here is terrific. Luckily, the tent where I will sleep tonight is cool. For the time being, I will just pass some time here in the USO tent, and get some food at 5pm.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Completed project at Mez. What a day!

We did the work today. We got up at 0300am, and the job was supposed to last 4-5 hours. We spent almost 12 hours doing the project. I drank about 12 bottles of water, and I still felt thirsty and nauseous. The team lead sent me off site, to rest and drink more fluids. I poured all of the liquid down me, that I could. I am just now getting cool. In a previous posting, I remarked about a co-worker getting terminated for violating a company policy. I am not sure exactly what he did, and I do not wish to speculate. The project I am working is "at-will", Any of us can be terminated at any time, with or without cause. The man is no longer with us, and I will leave it at that. After work, I went to the chow hall. They had some good Salisbury Steak, and also some excellent turkey. I had not eaten in almost 24 hours. I ate slowly, and tried not to stuff myself. I finished off with a slice of pecan pie. I drank some more water and soda, and I am getting re-hydrated. I will soon crawl into the rack, and I will fly back to Bagram in a day or so.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Location: Mez-El-sharif Afghanistan

I am here at Mez. I was informed that I was to fly from Bagram to Mez, and I collected my gear. I was told that we were going to be here for two days. So I took enough clothing for a week. Sure enough, the site was not ready for us to begin work. So I am just sitting here, watching TV, and waiting for the site to be prepared. This is going to be hard, hot work, outside in the heat. Fortunately, Summer is about over, and the Afghan fall will be upon us soon. The work is on deadline, and should be completed by December. If that happens, that will be a miracle. One of my co-workers was terminated. I am sad that he lost his job, but he violated a company policy, and that cost him. Fortunately, I am in good health, healthy enough to pass the military physical. I am 58, and I am amazed that I am in as good health as I am. I am glad that I made the decision not to smoke cigarettes, and my blood pressure is normal. Mez is a typical mid-size post in Afghanistan. I am in a decent plywood "hooch". Air conditioned. Decent chow hall, Today we had spicy italian sausage in red peppers and onions. Rice, and shredded roast beef. Decent pumpkin pie. All I can do is wait, and we should begin work at 0400am this morning.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Arrived at Bagram, Afghanistan

I flew from Indianapolis to Kuwait. I spent two days in the tent city at Ali-Al-Saleem. I got a flight to Bagram, Afghanistan. I am here now, in the transient quarters. I am on a top bunk, with about two square feet of space for my personal gear. This place keeps changing, but it is still the same. Food is OK, I had a crab cake, and rice and chocolate ice cream.
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Saturday, August 04, 2012

On the way to Indianapolis

I finished two months in Huntsville ,ALA. I am now in the airport at Arlington VA (Reagan National Airport). There was a near-miss involving three aircraaft here, last week. This is a horrible airport, and it should have been closed years ago. The runways all end in water (both ends). The approach pattern is all zig-zag, aircraft have to fly down the Potomac river. But this airport is 10 minutes cab ride from the Capitol, and the congressmen/senators use this airport. I will fly to Indianapolis, and the get my rental car. I will drive to a hotel in Edinburgh, IN, and check in. Then I will drive out to Camp Atterbury, and register for the NDC course. I will go back on Sunday, and then spend all week, in processing, and getting my paperwork submitted, and getting an ID card, and all of that hassle. I am scheduled to fly to Kuwait on Friday, 10 August. (Today is August 4, it would have been my father's 82d birthday. I lost him two years ago, and I still miss him)