Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going back to work

I was in for a job in Afghanistan, setting up video teleconferences. The firm was all ready to hire me, but the firm lost the contract with the Defense Department, to another firm. So my employment offer never came through.

Another firm saw my resume, and they decided to offer me a job in Afghanistan. I accepted. I will begin training school in Falls Church, VA on 1 Oct. This looks like a great job and the company is a major Fortune 500 firm.

I will complete the school here, and then around 8 Oct, I will fly to Columbus Georgia, and go through the Army preparation/training school once again. I have completed this school once in Fort Bliss, Texas in 2005. I completed it again in 2008, and again in May of 2009. This will be the fourth time that I have completed the processing. I should be flying to Afghanistan on or about 15 October.

Since the US made the deal with Kyrgyzstan, to utilize the base at Manas, I will probably be flying in there. Then I will get a flight to Bagram. My initial work will be in Kabul.

We bought a new house in Alexandria VA. I returned back here, just in time to assist in moving. Moving is the grandmother of hassles. A million things to do. I engaged a professional mover, to get the furniture and heavy items. It took all day, and cost $900. Then I got a U-Haul truck, and some of my church friends came out to the house, and we loaded the small boxes into the U-Haul, and delivered the goods to my new place.

For the past week, I have been unpacking, and putting my goods away. I also had to have some repairs done, including getting new lighting installed, getting a circulating fan for the master bedroom, new cabinet lights, etc. What a hassle. I also bought a lawn mower, for the first time in my life.

The timing worked out pretty good. I have completed the move, and I will just pack my desert clothing up again, and then begin school on Thursday. My mom and dad are driving here, and they will arrive on Saturday afternoon. We will have Sunday free, and then mom/dad will drive up to Syracuse, NY, and see my brother and his blended family.

This will be my fifth contract in Afghanistan. Here is the history:

Feb 2004: Arrived in Kabul, to photograph the civilian air traffic control equipment at the Kabul international airport. Most of the engineering work had already been completed.

Mar-May 2004: Hired by a firm to supervise a police radio upgrade project. When I arrived in Kabul, I was told to drop that project, and coordinate a drug eradication radio project.

Nov 2007: Assigned to FOB Sharana, to work a data collection project, supervising data collections on four bases in Western Afghanistan.

Sept 2008: Arrived in FOB Salerno, to assist in training soldiers in how to operate video cameras.

There is my Afghanistan history.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back in the USA

Arrived back at Dulles airport Washington Sept 6. I went home. Spent Labor Day weekend, relaxing. On Friday I had a phone discussion with another firm, about a television project in Afghanistan. On Tuesday 14 Sept, I interviewed in person. The engineers past along a "strong recommendation", that I get hired. I should have an offer letter by Monday 21 Sept.

I have been sick! I had some blood in my urine, so I went to the doctor. I am scheduled for a cytoscopy on 1 Oct. The doc will insert a video camera up my private parts, and take a look inside. I find this ironic, I work in the video industry!

Friday, September 04, 2009


In Baghdad Airport. Flying out tonight to Kuwait City. My supervisor brought me to the airport. He did not offer to help carry my bags, and he did not shake my hand.

I am not glad about losing this job, but I am glad to be leaving here.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Going back to the USA

I am going back to the USA. My health is fine, I was checked out by the military doctors in Baghdad, and all the tests were normal.

I am glad to be getting out of this heat, and a chance to cook my own meals again. I get bored with chow hall food.

I will be looking for work, telecommunications and electronics, in Iraq/Afghanistan. I think I will get another contract soon.