Monday, January 21, 2013

I am still at Atterbury. It is COLD here on the Indiana prairie. I completed my out processing, and I scheduled a flight for tomorrow (Tues 22 Jan). I will fly home to WashDC, and see about getting back to Afghanistan.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Returning to the USA

I was hired for a project in Afghanistan. I accepted the offer, and I went to work (in the USA) on Nov 2. I completed my in-processing and got my email account, and insurance, etc. I was scheduled to attend a one-week training course in Maryland, prior to deployment to Afghanistan. I had an administrative hang-up, and I had to go on "leave without pay" status for a couple of weeks. The problem was cleared, and I was scheduled to fly to Atterbury (Indianapolis) on Jan 5. I completed the Army processing, and got all of my shots, and x-rays, etc. I got on the plane and flew to Kuwait. I then got a military flight to Kandahar and went to the barracks. I arrived at Kandahar at 1000pm, and waited in the terminal buidling for two hours. When no one arrived to get me, I just went to the transient barracks. I met with my team, and got my work assignment. Then (thankfully) I was taken back to the barracks, and tried to sleep and get over the jet-lag. I was sleeping, and a man from my company came to the tent to wake me up. I was told that the project chief wanted to see me. I met with him, and he informed me that there was another administrative problem, and that I would have to leave Afghanistan. I had been in the country for less than 24 hours. I packed my belongings, and got a flight to Ali Al Saleem Kuwait (I am there now). I am scheduled to fly back to the USA on Saturday, and then out-process with the Army and return home. I do not know if I am to be released from this contract or not. I hope that my firm can fix the problem, and that I can return to Afghanistan for work. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Two days in Atterbury

It is COLD here! I have been at my residence in Alexandria VA for three months. The winter has been very mild there. I have been enjoying the USA. I love to watch old "Law and Order" reruns on TV, and sit in a hot bath, and eat mexican-style eggs. Fry a couple of tortillas, and spoon salsa on them. Then fry three eggs, and place them on the salsa, and sprinkle cheese on the eggs. Then pop the eggs under a broiler for a couple of minutes, and melt the cheese. Excellent. My mother-in-law has been in town from Russia. I am not saying she is mean, but her speed-dial is 666. That should tell it. She is a vulgar, trashy person, and she curses at me in Russian. I am glad to be out of there. The Army food here is much better than I expected. Last night, they served a decent pot roast, with pasta and marinara sauce. I gobbled it down. I had to get up at 0500 this morning to meet a 0600am formation, I got out early, and I went to Subway and had a philly-beef sandwich. I think I will get chinese take-out tonight. The guys here watch FOOTBALL on the TV all the time. I prefer some other television, I never liked any televised sports except horse racing. I will continue to do the Army processing, and get my ID card, and clear the medical. I plan to fly out of here on Friday. I have only two green duffle bags, and one of them is filled with my helmet and flak-vest. I will have some additional clothing sent to me in the APO mail, once I get to Kandahar. I have been getting a lot of SPAM on this blog. I moderate all comments, so all of it goes to the trash. I wish you SPAMMERS would find some other place to SPAM! I do enjoy getting legitimate comments. Please send them along.


Here we are. COLD, 20 degrees with wind chill making it lower. Back to Afghanistan on Friday.