Friday, December 22, 2006

One week at Talafar

Been here for a week. Place is all right in many respects. Just wish that I had more to do. I miss the work at my previous base. I had a good thing going at Al Asad. Rode my bikes all over the place. We had a decent Masonic Square and Compasses club.

Talafar has a good chow hall, decent rec hall. I do not have cable TV in my trailer. But I will install the satellite dish later on, and then I can see AFN and some other English language TV shows.

I already reserved the classroom at the chow hall for 1200 wednesdays for the S&C club.

I set up the Rec Hall for the 1st/3rd Saturdays at 7:00pm for the S&C club.

We may just make it a go after all.

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