Tuesday, April 17, 2007

17 April 2007

Tax Day. Fortunately, my taxes are filed. I hope I get a refund this year. My accountant back in the USA handles it. We heard about the school shooting last night. I had hoped that the base would have our flags at half-staff, in respect for the biggest mass murder in US history.

Spring is coming. The nights are cold, I keep the heater running in the trailer. I prefer to wear a denim jacket in the mornings, it is perfect for this climate. The Rec Hall is usually kept very cool, so I just keep it on all day. This morning, I did not have much appetite, so I skipped breakfast. I can get my lunch at 1130am.

I got some interesting emails from my friends back in the USA. One of my old Air Force friends, Major David Block(retired) has decided to petition for the degrees of Masonry. I hooked him up with a lodge near his home, and he is getting the paperwork submitted.

I found a couple of interesting websites, and I have been ordering some items from the USA. The summer will be HOT here, so I ordered some short pants. My previous supervisor discouraged the employees from wearing short pants, but I wore them anyway. When you ride a bike 5-8 miles a day in 120 degree heat in the Iraqi desert, short pants are more serviceable.

I don't think the new supervisor cares one way or another if we wear short pants.

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