Sunday, June 01, 2008

Still no lab results

The little clinic at Taji, ran out of the reagents necessary to run a white blood cell count (CBC).
I have been able to see a more advanced medical facility. I turned in lab work, and they drew blood (etc), on Wednesday. By Friday 30 May, the results had not been completed. The preliminary results showed me to be dehydrated ( no surprise), and that my tri-glyceride level was high (been high for years).

I am too ill to work, and I am not going to work for some time.


Radcliffe said...

Charles, is it possible for you to get out of there? It sounds like there is a problem with their ability to diagnose. Maybe you should come home.

Sue said...

Charlie, please keep us posted on your well being. Something doesn't seem right here for you to be feeling so bad for so long. We'll keep you in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hello Brother Charles,

I hope you have been feeling better, it sucks to be sick so far from home.

I'd love to send a care package with some books. What are people looking to read? And where should it be sent??

And is there anything special you miss from Boston/MA/New England I can include in the package??