Friday, August 29, 2008

Comment policy clarified

Once again. This is MY blog, and I have the final say on what is posted. I intend to publish ALL views, both for and against. I want to be fair, and present a balanced view of the situation.I normally require ALL posters to list their name (or handle). If you are man enough to make a comment, you should be man enough to list your name (or handle). I will, often publish "anonymous" comments, if the contents of the comment are of interest to the readers. But the final say, on what goes on this blog, begins and ends with me. I reserve to right to edit, publish, or reject ANY comments for ANY reason, or for no reason.To be fair, some comments have been sent in, that are supportive of my position. These comments have contained really vulgar and disgusting remarks about people in masonic leadership positions. I feel, that in spite of our differences, and this sad situation, that we are all brothers, and we should treat each other with respect and kindness. I, therefore, have decided to delete all comments in support of my position, which contain objectionable and vulgar material, that is not in the spirit of Masonry.I will NOT publish racist, bigoted, obscene, vulgar, lewd, or other objectionable material. I get all types of name-calling, and really disgusting comments sent to me. One man sent an entire page of "n-----" to me, every day for a week. If the fact that such disgusting comments are not published on this blog, is a problem for you, then that is your problem.If your comments do not make it to the board, please try to remember the policies, which are clearly presented here. Blogs can be had for free, so start your own, if you like.

Furthermore: ALL comments will be free of personal attacks on any individual.

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Jay Simser said...

Brother Charles,
I am indeed saddened that this type of thing occurs. In today's world there should be no room for racism. I hold you in the highest regard and appreciate that you as a civilian are doing a job so that others may be free to do theirs. You are one of my heroes and for you to have to be subjected to this type of bigoted attack.

Keep on deleting them - They are not Masons even though they may have a dues card. j