Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back in the USA

Arrived back at Dulles airport Washington Sept 6. I went home. Spent Labor Day weekend, relaxing. On Friday I had a phone discussion with another firm, about a television project in Afghanistan. On Tuesday 14 Sept, I interviewed in person. The engineers past along a "strong recommendation", that I get hired. I should have an offer letter by Monday 21 Sept.

I have been sick! I had some blood in my urine, so I went to the doctor. I am scheduled for a cytoscopy on 1 Oct. The doc will insert a video camera up my private parts, and take a look inside. I find this ironic, I work in the video industry!

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mohammad said...

Hello Mr charles ...
Im mohammad.. Do you remember me? I get some really good advice from you through the ask a freemason forum, It is our duty to wish you continued good health and wellness, again thanks a lot & take care sir.
God bless you .