Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stuck at Fort Benning

I was informed on Friday 16 Oct, that I had to fly to Fort Benning on 17 Oct. I flew down at 0600am Saturday morning, and enrolled in the CRC school. I have to complete a week of training, medical exams, dental,etc. I was supposed to fly to Afghanistan on 23 Oct. Problem is, I was here in May 2009. I had a medical problem, and had to get a medical exam. I was cleared for international travel, and I flew to Kuwait on June 1.

When I went to the medical office here at Fort Benning on Tuesday the 19th, my old medical hold was still on the computer. I told the doctor, that I had seen a civilian doctor in Columbus GA back in May, and that I had just returned from Iraq on 6 September. Nevertheless, I was put on a medical "no-go".

I had to return to the barracks, and turn in my badge. I have been "disenrolled" from training school. I went to the medical clinic on Wednesday morning 21 Oct, and the nurse drew my blood for a blood test. The results should be in on Friday, and then I can see the doctor, and get another clearance letter. I will have to re-enroll in CRC on24 Oct, and go through the whole CRC process again. I should be able to get the military air flight on Friday 30 Oct.

I am stuck in the barracks, with no rental car. I just hang out in the barracks, or go to the recreation center and use the computer. Last night, I watched "The Bourne Identity", and "Jeapordy!".

My military protective gear arrived by UPS, and I showed it to the supply sergeant. I have all of the military issued equipment I will need for Afghanistan. I asked my dentist for a clearance letter, and the office assistant FAXed it in to me this morning.

This Army "hurry up and wait", is maddening. I am perfectly healthy, and I have been working in Iraq and Afghanistan for over 5 years. When I went to the clinic on Tuesday, I got the seasonal flu shot. I still need the H1N1 "up the nose" spray shot. It will be just my luck, if I ge the flu, when I am in Afghanistan.

The good news, is I am on the payroll. I am getting a pay check, for sitting on my behind in the barracks. I have medical insurance. I have all of my military equipment, and I have completed nearly all of the classes here at CRC school.

Once I see the doctor, and get the clearance letter, I will be good to travel. I can't wait to get back to Afghanistan.

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