Saturday, December 05, 2009

Back to the Roof of the World...

I was working up until November 8. I was laid off, and I joined the 11% of the USA population that is unemployed. I got two weeks of severance, and I began looking for work right away. I had a few nibbles, and a firm in Arizona was interested in me. But I am not able to move to Arizona at my own expense, and take a job that pays $35 per hour. I told the firm, that if you are recruiting nationally, that you should be prepare to stand the cost of relocating people.

A firm called on Friday (Dec 4) and indicated that I met their requirements for an Afghanistan position, and I said that I was very keen to return. I do not have an offer letter yet, but I should be getting an offer soon.

Another firm sent me a "contingency letter", asking me, to agree to accept a position with their firm, if they got the contract in Afghanistan. I signed the letter.

A recruiter in Fort Worth, Texas, asked if I would be willing to let her represent me, for an Afghanistan job. I agreed, and I sent them a letter of authorization. If their firm gets a contract with the US Government, and the firm makes an offer, then the recruiter will get a finder's fee.

My in-laws are in town, and they are interesting people. My FIL broke the water vase for my hookah-pipe, and there is no chance of getting a replacement. My MIL has been riding the broom, but she does not speak English. She can give me a cussing in her language, and I do not understand. She feels better, and my feelings are not hurt.


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