Sunday, October 31, 2010

My father has passed to the Celestial Lodge

Last Monday, October 25, my father passed to the Celestial Lodge. I was with him in Bowling Green, KY. We put him in the Hospice, after 30 days in the hospital. He was in the Hospice for four days. I stayed in the room, with him, that final night. I got up at 0400am, and I could not hear him breathing. I reached over, and checked the carotid pulse. He was gone.

I shall miss him terribly. He was 80, and he had a full long life. He had a laugh, like roaring thunder. He would not want us to cry.

I will be leaving for Afghanistan, next week. I will be too busy to miss him.


Tim Bryce said...

I'm sorry to hear this my Brother. I've been through this as well and understand what you are feeling. It's like a unique fraternity we must all join whether we want to or not. In coelo quies est.


John Galt said...

Brother my prayers are with you and your familyl. I am sure that he was happy to have you near by when he passed on to his great reward.

I have had to stand by and watch my father go as well. It hurts. If you need to unload Brother just drop me a line. If there is anything I can do just let me know.