Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ten days in Kandahar

I have been here for ten days. I have a decent tent, the chow hall is fine. The work is OK, still learning. I have connected with some Masons here, but I cannot participate in the lodge, as it is Prince Hall affiliated. So there.

I should be on this project 5-6 months. The work is excellent, I really like it. I am not crazy about the schedule 7-7 7days a week. At least the tent is quiet.

Winter is on the way, the nights are cool, the afternoons are spectacular. After all, this is a desert, and the skies are not cloudy all day.

I do miss television, I never get to watch TV. I have to pay $100 a month, to get internet service. Even then it is slow, and I cannot watch YouTube.

I have been getting some interesting emails, from masons. I got a nice email from a woman freemason in Nigeria.

If anyone wants to donate items to the troops, I will be more than glad to distribute the items. Christmas is coming. We could use tobacco, coffee, candy, snacks, beef jerky, etc.

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