Friday, January 03, 2014

The new year

Well, the holiday season passed here at camp Morehead. Make no mistake, this is a rough place. It is about average for a small camp in Afghanistan. The weather has been not horrible. Near freezing in the morning, but up to 50 or so in the daytime. We had a light dusting of snow three days ago. We are getting mail. If anyone would like to send some chocolate or other candy, we can use it. I have no way to obtain US paper money here. The store only takes paper money! I have a decent quiet barracks. The first mattress that I had on my bed was awful. BUT- I was able to take a mattress from an unoccupied bed, and it is much better. There is hot water in the shower house. I got a small coffee maker, and some flavored coffee sent from the USA. There is a decent internet, no waiting. Believe me, I have had worse assignments in Afghanistan.

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