Sunday, April 26, 2015

I arrived in Kuwait

I took United flight 982 from Dulles Airport Washington DC, direct non-stop to Kuwait. 12 (twelve) hours in the air, plus 7 hours of time change. Got on the aircraft at 1000pm Friday night, arrived in Kuwait 5:30pm Saturday afternoon. Went to the Best Western hotel, climbed in the rack. The human body was not designed to travel at 600mph, and sit in one position for 12 hours. Hotel is nice, will be living here for three or so months. Sunday off, rested, watched some TV. Will go check in, and ID cards, and do paperwork on Monday. Must be at the lobby by 0630 am. Not civilized to be up at such an hour. I will inquire if there is a masonic lodge or square and compass club here, but not likely. Stay tuned.

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