Sunday, August 27, 2006

27 August 2006

Sunday morning. Cool this morning, drove down to the convoy yard, and collected the data off the computer to a disk. What a hassle, the repairs after the fire in the yard, are slow. Preparing for my vacation, I have my tickets prepaid, but I still do not know who is going to come here and cover my job. I requested quarters for the person in July, but I still do not have a place for him to stay.

Someone cut a hole in my bike tire, so now I cannot use the Mongoose bike. I ordered a couple of replacement tires, and when one of them arrives, I will install it. Until, then I am riding the old bike.

You cannot believe what people throw away. I found four(4) excellent bed sheets, almost new, in the trash. I have already found two(2) pairs of excellent combat boots, and two(2) pairs of running shoes. I go Dumpster diving all the time.

Sleeping OK now, I just wish that I had my satellite system hooked up. When I return from vacation, I think I will install the satellite dish. I have plenty of DVDs and VHS tapes for now. Last night, I watched "The Tall Men" with Clark Gable and Jane Russell.

the days pass quickly, work is good, and I will be flying out in a couple of weeks.

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WordFaery said...

Hi Charles !

Just thought I'd leave a few footprints in the sand.

Your friend in Buffalo, NY!