Monday, February 26, 2007

26 Feb 2007

Just changed the operating software on this blog. Let's see how it works. Been getting a lot of comments, but they are all SPAM. I guess I better shut off the comments option.

Moved to a new trailer this morning. It is very clean and I even found a new set of bed linens in the trailer. Just a bit longer of a walk to the shower house.

Still no ability to post flyers and posters for our club. I am sad. I met a Major Victor Sundquist, who is a Mason. We will meet with the First Sergeant, and try to work out a compromise.

Masons have held meetings on military posts since Valley Forge. If we handle it with tact and discretion, I think that we can have an excellent club and lodge here.


Sue said...

They stole your sweat shirt!!!! How sad. Locals or our own guys? Guess some things don't change no matter where in the world you live.
Try and put it behind you and have a great day!

Anonymous said...


Everything looks good here. It is me Shawn from Freemason Community. Sorry about your spam issue, it happens to me as well. Maybe there is a way you can make it where they have to put in a code (shown) before it can post?

Shawn Gossman

A really big thank you to our troops who are protecting us out there!