Tuesday, January 30, 2007

30 January 2007

Another weekend just went by. It is COLD in the mornings here. I was reading a book in the library, and I walked across the street to get a sandwich, and someone stole my sweatshirt (That I had left on the couch). People will steal anything that is not nailed down.

I only got 6 (six) days to clear out of my last assignment. I did not get to sell any of my personal items, I could not sell my bike or my home entertainment system. I only had the address of my new posting for three (3) days. I was busy as hell moving out, and shipping my personal items here. Then I got an email from the man who replaced me, saying that I left the office in "chaos". Hell, I am not June Cleaver, or Felix Unger! Carlos could have swept up the damn office, but he stays in the trailer all day, playing video games or IMing his wife.

I do not dislike this new base. The food is excellent, the work is the same as Al Asad, but there is much less work. I told them, that if he wants to swap back, he can do so anytime!

I put in for an instructor position in Reston. I also applied for the new project in Luxembourg.

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