Thursday, September 18, 2008

Flying to Kyrgyzstan

I am in the Baltimore Airport. I checked my baggage through to Manaus, Kyrgyzstan. Tonight, I will get on the plane, we have stops in Europe, and we will arrive Friday afternoon. We will be stuck in Kyrgyzstan for a couple of days, and then fly on into Afghanistan.

I am glad to be done with the preparations, and I am looking forward to an exciting time on the Roof of the World.


Anonymous said...

Great place to be "stuck" for a few days. I love Bishkek, lots to do and see there.
Have fun.

Steve said...

I forgot to tell you. There is a nice Italian place downtown called "Cyclone" (I don't know why) and the changing of the guard at the monument to the unknown soldier is very nice, good photo op. They do it every evening about dusk.
Also a good Turkish place but I cannot recall the name right now.
Pretty good food court in the Vefa mall on the top floor. I like the corner place that serves a local dish "lagmat".
good luck.