Friday, September 26, 2008

Letter from the Grand Master of Masons in KY to me.

(This letter is an EXACT copy of a communication from the Grand Master of Masons in KY. It is published VERBATIM)

(Small portion, not related to the text has been deleted)

you have again tried to mask your situation and use the cloak ofthis fraternity for your own betterment. You continue to berate, insultand generally to fault everyone and every Grand Lodge or Grand Lodgeofficer be it Kentucky, New York, etc. You use masonry for your ownpurpose! You have here again tried to mask your actions and get theapproval through everyone else rather than looking at yourself to see ifyou really are a mason or just a man using masonry for himself. In you blogs you have continued to throw everything and anyone that doesnot do or say what you want to them say about Masonry to the side asbeneath you and your brothers. You use Masonry, rather than practicingMasonry. Masonry is not a item or a card it is a belief that we as brothers canwork together as a band of brothers cemented by our obligation to upholdthe Constitution practice Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth! Our Honorand Integrity before all else. You Sir, have, in my opinion, used thisfraternity as an item for your own discussion and advancement in trying toprove yourself something you or not! This is a shame that a man of your ability has tried to take thisfraternity and put it on display for his own amusement or advancement. Inall of your blogs, you always refer to "I" rather than "we". It is alwaysyou that stands to do battle with the Grand Lodges. This Sir is not abattle it is a love that each of us has about the fraternity and eachother. Sir, if nothing else remember this......"You represent this fraternity inthe world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Does youractions each day prove you to be a Mason? Remember someone each day willsee you for what you are in this world and does your actions representthis fraternity?" Keith DreierGrand Master

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Traveling Man said...


Your posts here have demonstrated to my satisfaction that you understand the fundamental teachings of the Craft.

I wish you well in your travels.

Be Well,

Traveling Man