Monday, August 02, 2010

August 2, 2010 Alexandria VA

I was working in Afghanistan, and the contract ended. I got back home 18 Jun, but I just never got around to making any new blog posts. I interviewed with a firm, and the firm hired me. I will begin work August 9, if the paperwork is all in order, and the employment is approved. I signed the offer letter today.

I have been working in Iraq/Afghanistan for 6 (six) years, and it is a long time. I have not been there continuously, of course, but it is a hard grind.

I have been spending the past several weeks, relaxing, watching TV, cooking my own meals, and taking long relaxing baths. It is great to sit down in a tub.

I do not have my assignment yet, but I will be going back to South-West Asia.


Kansas Scout said...

keep us posted bro

Chris said...

Glad to hear from you--I was starting to get concerned.

While you were gone I became WM of my lodge for the first time, and was hospitalised that very same day for a foot infection.