Monday, June 13, 2011

Still looking for work

It is June 13, and I still have no job. Fortunately, the interviews and job leads, keep coming in. I had two phone interviews, and one personal interview last week. This economy is bad, with 9%+ unemployment. There are many applicants for every job. You must keep pressing on. When you interview for a job, and the answer is "NO", you must turn that "NO" around, and go ON!

I have been keeping myself occupied. We own a condo/town home, in Lorton, about 6 miles south of our primary home. We rented the place to a low-income person, and the rent was paid by Section 8, a welfare plan. Unhappily, the renter just tore the place up, door kicked in, dishwasher melted, rugs filthy. We kept her security deposit, but it will cost about 3x the deposit, to get the place liveable again.

Fortunately, we found a nice couple to move in. They decided to paint the entire interior. I replaced all of the electrical sockets, they were deteriorated. I also replaced wall switches, they were all disentigrated and filthy.

The June heat is here in WashDC. Hot and humid. Most people do not realize, that for the first 150 years, that WashDC was the capital of the USA, foreign diplomats posted here, got a hardship bonus, for the climate and living conditions. The summers are unbearable, and the winters are cold and snowy. Washington DC is an 'artificial' city, created just to be the capital of the USA.

It was located at the junction of the Anacostia and Potomac rivers, because it was a day's carriage ride, from George Washington's home (Mount Vernon). The traffic is getting so bad, that soon it will take a day to drive from Mt. Vernon to DC.

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