Saturday, August 20, 2011

On Leatherneck for a week

I had an interesting last two weeks. I drove to Columbus Georgia, and took the CRC school, which is required for all deployees for the sixth (6th) time. I drove back to Atlanta, and then flew up to WashDC to catch the flight to Kuwait. I got on the airplane at Dulles field, and fortunately, there was no surcharge for my luggage. The flight took off at 6pm, and we flew up the East Coast. They served one of those low-grade meals, three beef nuggets the size of your thumb, in curry sauce, and a serving of rice. I wanted to watch a movie, but I was fast asleep, before we left the Canadian coast. I woke up just as they were serving the sandwiches, prior to landing. We arrived at Kuwait, and it was 120 degrees. I cleared customs, and got my entry visa for Kuwait. I then went into the main airport area. It is Ramadan, when all muslims must fast during the day. So all of the restaurants were closed in the airport. I then caught a bus to Ali Al Saleem airport, which takes one hour from the airport to the base.
I got my luggage, and then I turned in my passport for the Kuwait exit visa. I got to a tent, and crawled right into the rack.

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