Friday, August 26, 2011

Two weeks here


Life at Camp Leatherneck is about what I expected. I work 9am to 7pm 6 days a week. I will get Wednesdays off. At my last base I worked 7pm to 7am 7 days a week, with no days off! The food here is light-years ahead of the slop they served up at Kandahar. Here is a USA food service provider, and they have Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream 7 days a week, lunch and dinner (Hoo-Ray).


I live in a trailer, but I do not spend much time there, except to sleep. I get up at 0700am, and walk to the shower house. The shower house is VERY clean, spotless, and modern. The water is VERY hot, so I can get a hot shower every day. Then I walk back to the trailer, and get dressed. There is a dress code here, the Marines could care less what I wear, but the firm requires long pants, and the shirt must have a collar. I catch the bus from the trailer camp, and ride to the chow hall. After a breakfast, I walk to the office. I prefer not to get lunch, and supper is served at 5pm. Then I walk back to the office, and I am off at 7pm. Then I ride back to the trailer camp, and go to the trailer, and peel off my clothes, and crawl into the rack. There is some background noise, due to the generators, and the air conditioners. The porta-john is about 50 yards from the door. I go to sleep, and then get up at 0700am the next morning. Same every day, like the film “Ground Hog Day”.



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