Thursday, March 22, 2012

Typical day in Kunduz

Get up around 0700. Breakfast if you like. Eggs, juice, english muffin. Go to office, do the work. Then, over to the rec hall, and check out the computers, and get my personal mail. Also fill out the time card, and get the professional mail.

Lunch about 1100. Back to office, check out the work. Off in the afternoon.

Shower every couple of days. Back to tent around 9pm. Mattress fairly good, tent is a little hot.

Back up at 0700. Seven days a week. Same work.


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Joey Spencer said...

I am a writer from Watertown NY and I just kinda stumbled here. I was wondering if I could maybe interview you a little. Being in Afghanistan and I'm sure around some military people, maybe you had a sense of what they talk about, how they view things as far as the war is concerned, and then your own view as someone who lives there for the time being. what the people are like and things of that nature. I hope you can email me back. I'm at or you can go to and post something for an answer. Stay safe and thank you.