Saturday, October 05, 2013

arrived at Atterbury

Back at Atterbury. I flew from Reagan National at 200pm, there were two members of congress on the flight. I told them that contractors do not get medical care at the bases in Afghanistan. The flight was ok, but the airplane is small. I got my luggage, and got the shuttle bus to Atterbury. Then I got my room assignment in the barracks. I wish the firm had budget for rental cars, and hotel. The next week will be like the previous times. I did the processing once at Fort Bliss, and five times at Fort Benning, and this is the third time at Atterbury. The army took the television out of the main hall :-( How sad. But I guess that I can cope with it. I took two more of the on-line army courses. On Sunday, I will meet at 0800, and begin the processing. The flight to Kuwait is on 11 Oct.

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