Friday, November 08, 2013

First week in Afghanistan

I got my first week in Afghanistan. I am in an open-bay barracks, third floor. No privacy, not even a locker. I have to store my personal items on the top bunk. I got my first assignment, I had to fly to Logar province, Camp Petre. The base is a join USA/Romanian base. I had to do an assessment on 13 Afghans. I stayed in a barracks, the toilet next door, had no water, I flushed it with bottled water. I had to meet a ride, to drive 10 minutes to the chow hall. I finished the assessment, and then got a flight to Bagram. I am at the largest camp in Afghanistan. The chow hall is decent, but I have not obtained a room. I got in last night, and I slept in the waiting room.

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