Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Two weeks at Eggers

I have been here two weeks. (not counting the week I was away at Forward Operating Base Shank). The base is small, and easy to get around. There is no ATM and no way to get any paper money. I had my wife send me some cash in the US Mail. The food is about the same as usual. Greasy, industrial-grade institutional food. I was so tense last afternoon, that eating was impossible. And this morning, breakfast was out of the question. I went to the chow hall for lunch, and happily there was barbequed chicken, which was excellent. I also had a poorly made beef enchilada, and some chili. I have eaten so much chili in my 9 years here, that I could float a boat with the stuff. Also cookie and cream Ice Cream, bravo. I got a couple of talking books, and I will now listen to the story of Bunker Hill. By 800pm, I am exhausted, and then I just crawl into the bed and sleep very soundly. Then at 0300am I wake up, and it is difficult to go back to sleep. At 0800am, I go to the front gate, and pick up the interpreters.

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