Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Day 2007

Had a decent New Year's Eve. The chow hall did a whole buffet of snacks. I just love fried jalapeno "poppers". Also a whole fountain of egg nog. The chow hall set up a disco and amplifiers, and we danced and enjoyed the night.

It is cold here in Iraq, this time of year, there was a hard freeze, last night. I finally got back to the trailer about 2am, and slept for ten hours.

Not much to do today, just watched a film "28 Days" with Sandra Bullock. Yesterday, there was a "Sopranos" marathon. Watched the big screen all day long.

I met with the Chow hall manager today and we are now authorized to have a Masonic luncheon every Wenesday at 1200noon. fantastic! We could not reserve a table back at Al Asad, but here the manager (civilian) and military liaison are both Masons! Can you believe it?

I also secured the classroom at the Rec Hall for every 1st/3rd Saturday at 7pm for the Square and Compasses Club. We will meet there, and if there is enought interest, we can see about getting a lodge going.

I found out that there are several other Masons here at Talafar, we just might have what it takes.


Sue said...

Great News! Persistence pays off!

Lovie said...

People should read this.