Saturday, January 13, 2007

13 Jan 2007

Well, this place is like "Ground Hog Day". Every day is the same. Work, eat,sleep, watch TV, surf the net. Today I rean out of deodorant, but I ordered some from on line. The company I work for (A fantastic company -BTW), has landed a contract to renovate the Airport at Luxembourg. Can you believe it? I used to live 40 mins from the airport, and I have flown in and out of the place many times. I have contacted my company to see if I can get an application in for one of the jobs there. It would be cool to go back to Luxembourg.

My mother-in-law arrived in Washington last night, I must call the wife and speak to her.

The work here goes on, we are still trying to locate that pickup truck that the company had shipped here. When it arrives, I will have to send it along to Al Asad, and then Carlos will send the Gator vehicle here.


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