Thursday, June 21, 2007

21 June 2007

HOT HOT HOT. The summer is here, and it is merciless. Not a cloud in the sky, and there will be no rain until December. I have been through two Iraqi summers, and one Saudi summer, and the heat never lets up. Just drink your water, and stay indoors when possible.

The firm changed my schedule, so now I must make a report at 0830am. I used to do the first report at 1000am, so basically, I have to forfeit 90 minutes of sleep. This is not a bad thing. Now, instead of getting up at 0900, I get up at 0730am. The morning heat is not too intense, and there is no line in the shower house. I just roll out, then stroll the primrose path to the shower house, take my shower, and then get dressed, and take the bus to the computer room.

I do the morning reports, then I can stroll over to the dining hall, and get a breakfast. They have not had a fresh egg since April. So I have not had any eggs since April. I just get a couple of bagels and some oranges and grapefruits, and some milk and juice.

By noontime, I have no interest in eating any lunch. I just watch Jeapordy at 1230pm, and then watch a little more TV, and then get back to the computer room, and monitor the systems. Fortunately, the equipment here is indestructible.

I took a class on how to be a mail clerk on Monday. I got my mail clerk ID card, and I keep it in my ID holder. I can get all UNISYS mail, anytime the post office is open. I have a couple of small items on the way from the USA. Fortunately, the order of personal care items, I ordered last month arrived on Tuesday. Now I have some deodorant, and some Alka-Seltzer, and Advils. I must keep a high level of personal cleanliness in the desert. I shower every day, and brush my teeth vigorously.

I have made a deal to purchase a satellite dish antenna. This is great, I already have a down-converter, and a decent TV set. I can relax in the trailer, and watch Jeapordy. HEE HEE!

I am still waiting to hear if I will get extended for a third year under the Iraqi sun. I like Iraq just fine, the company treats me fair, what's not to like? Besides, it is better to be working here, than unemployed back home. I still find it odd, that I have never spent even one night, in my own home! I bought a trailer, back in 1978, and lived in it for five years. But I have been living in apartments ever since. The first fixed home I ever bought was in Lorton VA in 2005, and I have never spent even one night there!

If I am approved for the third year, I will ask for vacation in Sept/Oct. Then it will not be too sweltering in Washington DC. Good Luck, if I can get this time off. If I am not approved for a third year, I will go back to my town-home and seek a job.

I am reading "Rayburn" the biography of the man who was the Speaker of the House for 17 years, longer than anyone else. I am sure he is spinning in his grave. I finished the biography of Douglas Mac Arthur last week. I am sure he is spinning in his grave, over this Iraq solution. He only understood victory, and there is no victory in this conflict.

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Annie said...

I came by way of USA_troops_aide on xanga. Your blog has touched me and reminds me of why you are there. I will see if I can round up some of my avon associates and see about sending you a care package. You wouldn't believe the stuff we sell for men.
Thank you for doing what you do. It means a lot to most of us back here in the states. I hope the war ends soon so you can come home.
Take care and know that amny of us will keep you and your troop in our thoughts and prayers.
My Xanga site is RunningWithThePack