Monday, June 18, 2007

From an Iraqi man interesting

I received this email, and it is a little difficult to follow, but interesting:

Hello brother
How are you doing?
I have many ideas regarding the situation in Iraq but the most important one is to release youth and people of iraq from islamic relegious guys (clerks) who control minds of young people specially illiterat by name of islam which is itself filled of conspiracies, hatness and killings alonge the history and push them to fight the development and kill innocents and fight US and coalition forces which are released us from sadam and by this they push iraqi people to work against its interests and trying to put a line to seperate people to shiite and sunni while both of these groups are living together since longe time and they are relative to each other but it is the interest of those clerks which demand separation because by this each of them can control partition group easily without interruption from the other side because here in iraq muslims sunni and shiite used to negotiate islam and criticize each other but not to a level of fighting and these debate bother ! clerks who fear of conversion of their followers to other side (most propabley from shiite to sunni because shiite sect constitute alot of gaps and is built on legends ) by this i find our problem is mainly relgion in origin and destruction of my country and killing of my people occure according to this relegion myth so in order to release people from this we should work to learn them that there is nothing holy in this world other than human life and those clerks are liers and all of the clerks who are living in the past are not holy guys and they are not a messengers from god in other world we should educate those illiterate and young to respect human being and working to undress all the lyings mentiond in islam about hatness of others and killing of others who diffrent from muslims and we can do this by establishment of paper or magazin talking about secularism to learn people about separation of islam from politic and social life as i t! hink secul;arism is the only way to safe iraqi people from sectarian v iolence and releasing people from clerk guys. Waiting for your opinion and comments
accept my best regards

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Charles E. Martin said...

Great Article! Thanks.