Thursday, August 30, 2007

One week in Afghanistan

Been here for a week. I spent two nights on a cot, did not get much sleep, the air conditioner was churring all night. I got into a barracks, and it is much nicer. Quiet, only two other men there, and I sleep fine. The food quality here in Afghanistan is definetly a "step down" from Iraq. The dining hall at Tall'Afar was the best food I have eaten since I have been in this part of the world.

Here at Bagram, we eat off of cardboard. At least they have EGGS!! I have not had an egg since March. This morning, I had two eggs fried, and two eggs boiled. Plus bagel and cream cheese, and bacon and hash browns.

Tonight, there will be a masonic open house, I am anxious to attend. I have not attended any masonic meetings since I was in Moscow Sept 2006. I miss Masonry very much.

The equipment and technology here is the same as Iraq, fortunately. The documentation and business practices are different, but I can learn. Biggest hassle is that I will servicing four bases, I will live at Sharana, and fly between three others.

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John said...

Brother Charles, Glad you made out ok. John