Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday 1 Sept

Got up early today. Noisy in the barracks. One thing about Talafar, I lived alone, and it was quiet in the mornings, just the hum of the generators. Went to the chow hall, ate some steak and eggs. My cholesterol will definetly take a jump here. One of the other engineers flew in this morning, and he will stay in my barracks for the next couple of days.

I will be taking a class 3-4-5 Sept. Then I can fly up to Salerno, and then on to my duty station at Sharana.

We are forbidden from wearing short pants here. I wish I could wear conservative black walking shorts, especially in the high summer. Winter is coming. I have been through three Augusts in Iraq, where it gets to 120. Here in Afghanistan, the winters are bloody cold! I was here at Bagram in February 2004, and froze slowly. NO heat in the barracks.

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