Friday, March 28, 2008

On our way

Life here in Iraq, is artificial to some extent. I sleep in a trailer, and the shower house is about 75 yards away. Fortunately, there is unlimited hot water. My soap supply is getting low, so I will have to run over to the PX, and buy some more items. The food in the dining hall, is getting better all the time. Now we have cheese for breakfast. The guys are still learning how to fry an egg properly, they usually have the heat on the griddle too high, and the egg white is leathery.

The CNN channel here, is the international version, which is different than the USA version. I need my daily dose of politics, and keeping up with the presidential campaign.

The mail is starting to catch up, I got a package last week, only took a week to get here from the USA. I have ordered a few small items from vendors in the USA, and I expect delivery shortly.

The weather here now, is the best it ever gets in Iraq. Cool evenings, warm days. The 120 days will begin soon. May as well enjoy the good weather, while I can.

Some of the guys are heading over to the USA base today, frankly I just do not feel like making the trip. Some of them are interested in going to the gym, but I have no interest in that either. I miss having my books, and my own cable TV in the trailer.

I finally got my expense reports submitted, the staff back at the home office in Fort Wayne have been terrific.

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