Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two weeks

The firm decided to move our day off to Wednesday. Not a problem. It is only March, and the heat is building. The firm gave me a pair of industrial-grade sunglasses, and believe me, I need them. My personal items that I left behind in Afghanistan, are here in Iraq, but I have not yet been able to get them here. My old firm is trying to locate the items. I hope not too much was pilfered.

I went to the American side of the base tonight, and had a decent meal of imitation crabmeat salad, and beef stroganoff. A dish of vanilla ice cream with maraschino cherries, was enjoyed!

Still do not have decent television here. We get the international version of CNN, so I can keep an eye on politics, I am trying to stay with the elections. I applied for an absentee ballot, when I was in Fort Wayne, but I never got one, so I did not get to vote in the Virginia primary. I registered in person, when I was back home, and I will definetly be able to vote in the November election, whether I am here, or in Virginia.

Been smoking the hookah, with the guys. They enjoy to smoke apple-flavored tobacco, and discuss politics and all about living in Iraq.

Today, we were presented with a phone, and soon we should be able to call the USA directly. I hope so.

I must keep my fluids up. Sounds strange, but you must force your self to drink water, when you are in the desert. I do not feel thirsty, but there is a color chart in the mens room, and if your urine stream is not clear, then you must drink more water. You perspire so fast, and it evaporates so fast you do not notice it. You stay bone dry all day, even though you drink a gallon of water per day. Weird.

My feet and legs were sore as hell for the first week. I had been sitting in the office in Fort Wayne for two months, and not walking. Here, you walk everywhere. My feet have toughened a bit, and there is very little pain.

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