Sunday, March 30, 2008


Getting hot in Iraq. Both in climate, and in military situation. The city of Baghdad is still under curfew. Much fighting in Balad, as well. This war is going to take many years, before there is a successful conclusion.

Today, the base dining hall, served T-Bone steaks and crab legs. Our whole crew got into vans, and rode to the other side of the base, and ate with the soldiers. There was a young female soldier across from me, and I asked her "What is a nice kid like you doing in a place like this?", and she cracked up laughing. The other soldiers were hysterical.

My co-worker wanted to visit the PX, so we went. All I wanted was a newspaper, but the PX was out of papers. I may get a subscription from a USA newspaper, and just get them by mail. The political campaign is underway, and I miss being part of it. Most of these guys are not interested in the campaign.

I got a headset, and now I can call the USA by internet. I called my friend RB Hooks, Jr. last night. I also called mom and dad.

I got my first shipment of toiletries from I was on my last cake of soap, and my toothbrush is so old, that it is almost useless. I brushed my teeth for five minutes, and massaged the gums. My brother has lost all of his teeth, but I have spent many thousands of dollars on my teeth, $1200 just last January! I want to keep my teeth until well into my late years. My mom and dad have been able to keep their teeth, so I stand a good chance.

After supper each nite, I relax with the Iraqi men here. We talk, some of them have good English language skills, but I cannot speak a word of Arabic, it is totally incomprehensible to me. I lived in Saudi Arabia for one year, and Iraq for two years, but the language is beyond me. And I cannot read even one letter, it is just dots and squiggles.

I miss television, I need my daily dose of "Jeapordy". I miss chocolate, cooking my own meals, taking a tub bath. I miss Freemasonry, and going to church on Sundays. I miss driving. Such is life in Iraq.

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