Thursday, October 09, 2008

9 Oct 2008

Been here on FOB Salerno for a week. It is DARK at night. The base requires all lights to be off. I have to carry a small flashlight, so I won't bump into concrete barricades. At least the cable TV is working properly. Tonight at the chow hall, there was a mongolian barbecue. You select vegetables like shredded green peppers and onions, and the cook stir-fries them with shredded beef, then you place it on rice. My diet is a train wreck here. At least my feet and ankles are toughening up some, getting used to the walking.

I turned in some laundry, and the laundry is supposed to process it, and I can get it back in one day. We shall see. Today, the main shower house was closed, so I went to the smaller shower house. I got a HOT shower, with plenty of soap. I am glad that there is HOT water here.

I still have not received any postal mail here. I should be getting some mail soon.

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Prexy said...

Ah, the Mongolian BBQ! I fondly remember that stuff from my time in Iraq...yummy!