Thursday, October 30, 2008


Cool last night. Bright and Sunny this morning. My co-workers got more mail today. I got a video disk yesterday. Lunch today was pretty awful. I was not in the mood for meatloaf or turkey wings. I got a cheeseburger and a bowl of chili. I ordered a bread machine, it is on the way. We will have fresh homemade bread every day.

This election is interesting, I admit that I am hooked on politics.

Daylight savings time runs out in the USA this weekend. Afghanistan keeps the same time year round. I will have to wait another hour before I can call anyone in the USA. It looks like it is going to be a cold winter here in Afghanistan.

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RmOlano said...

I thank the Brother for taking time to read my rambling. It is only a speck of dust among galaxy of opinions out there---lucky enough to be stumbled upon by fellow seeker of that which was lost. As we say in the Navy, keep your head swiveled as oppose to the Army's keeping head's down, though different, the sum is the same. Take care and be safe my Brother, and hopefully someday we'll see each other in the Lodge whose jurisdiction doesnt recognize the difference in human race, creed and color, a jurisdiction which does not know the meaning of regular, irregular nor even thought what clandestine masons really meant, a Grand Lodge that only requirement is for us to be able to explain each spots on our lambskin apron.