Friday, October 10, 2008

Setting the record straight.

It is a matter of public record, that I am suspended from the Grand Lodge of Kentucky. This suspension is for a period of one year, and it expires April 2009. I intend to be reinstated at this time. Since I am up on a mountaintop in Afghanistan, where there is no Masonry, this is not a real sacrifice.

I graduated from Western Kentucky University in June 1983. I completed 197 undergraduate hours, and completed all of the requirements for my degree. This is also a matter of public record.

I am working in Afghanistan, on an unclassified project. I work with a team of installers, installing video cameras and infrared cameras. I also assist in training soldiers on how to use the equipment. My job title is "New Equipment Training Officer". I prefer not to list the name of my employer on this blog.

I am not interested in being any kind of a "savior". But I am very interested in Masonry, and I intend to keep studying the Craft, and keeping tabs on the state of Masonry, back in the USA, and overseas. One of the tenets of our Fraternity is Truth. I only tell the truth on this blog, I have no reason to post anything that is false. If anyone finds a posting here, that is not truthful, please leave a comment, pointing out my mistake, or email me directly. I will gladly publish any corrections.

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