Friday, February 06, 2009

A cold and lonely time

Time now is 0140am Saturday morning 7 February. I am at Forward Operating Base Boris, Afghanistan. The outside weather is cold, just above freezing. The full moon is overhead, making it easy to see around. One thing about the cold winter, it is safer. The bad guys go up into the mountains, and they are huddled up, waiting for the spring.

I have been getting some good feedback about the employment project. We have several good people, back in Virginia, who are assisting. With the unemployment rate soaring, I feel that Masonry should do more to help our unemployed members and their dependents. Doing nothing is unacceptable.

The Army continues to feed me well. Tonight, grilled steaks, lobster tails, crab legs, shrimp, corn on the cob. Only thing they do not have here is fresh eggs and coca-cola. Such is Army chow.

The rec hall here, has a huge selection of videos. I watched some "Law and Order" episodes. Also "Spartacus", one of my favorite films. I also read books sometimes, I have been perusing "Born Again" the story of Charles Colson, the Watergate guy.

I could sure use some chocolate, there is no PX here, so there is no way to get chocolate. There is a little Afghan restaurant, but I have not yet sampled their wares. The soldiers eat there sometimes, I guess the food is safe.

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