Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Assignment- Bagram Afghanistan

I am now assigned to Bagram Air Base Afghanistan. If anyone needs my postal address, please email me, or leave a comment here.

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Wayfaring Man said...


I lost your address (again) so I am posting here, knowing that you screen your posts and will delete this after reading it. I hear from my buddy Jeff Norling at FOB Salerno that you two have connected. I'm glad - he's a great guy, and heavily into the Craft.

I'm preparing to write an article for a new on-line e-zine about military lodges, and so naturally LSA Lodge comes to mind. The only info I can find however is a page with your name on it, listing it in Iraq and saying it is "on hold." Can you give me an update on LSA? Do you wish to go on the record about it? Further, can you tell me what, if any, military lodges are operating in A-stan?

Grateful for any info -

Mike Halleran